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Block of ten flats in Maidenhead permitted on appeal

In an appeal decision which permitted a block of ten flats in Maidenhead, the Planning Inspector accepted our submissions that the proposal was consistent with the core principles of the National Planning Policy Framework 2012 which requires that planning should take Maidenhead Flatsaccount of the character of different areas and always seek to secure high quality design and a good standard of amenity for all existing and future occupants of land and buildings.

The scheme was considered to accord with the requirements of Policies DG1, H10 and H11 of the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead Local Plan in that the scheme was of a high standard of design; the design and scale of new buildings was compatible with the established street façade having regard to the scale, height and building lines of adjacent properties; and no harm was caused to the character of the surrounding area. (Architects: Edgington Spink and Hyne)